Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Tribute Tuesday

i am finally going to get this started. my first victim: laura osterman.

the good news about laura leaving DC is that she too is headed to new york. the bad news (for her) is that i will be there too. she is going to pursue a degree in education of some sort of columbia. speaking of columbia, do i have to automatically hate that school because i go to NYU, just like kids who go to GW have to hate georgetown? if so, columbia, you suck. but back to laura. i can hardly think of another person out there i would rather teach a young child than laura. someone who is kind and sweet and has patience that could last forever. that is the kind of person laura is. i don't think i have ever seen her get even remotely mad at anyone or anything. laura also appreciates good music, so i know i will have at least one concert buddy in new york.

so, here's to you, laura. best wishes at that evil school you are going to.

i encourage others to contribute thoughts and comments about laura in the comments section.

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