Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Heat Vision And Jack

about a year or so i came across this tv pilot for a series called "heat vision and jack", a sitcom produced by ben stiller and starring jack black as jack and owen wilson as heat vision, a talking motorcycle, and ron silver as ron silver. now, before you think you misread that last sentence, yes, owen wilson plays a talking motorcycle. the crazy thing is, the pilot for the show is very, very funny. i don't really see how it could have lasted as a series but when you put jack black, owen wilson, and ben stiller together, well, we all know what happens. this is much, much better than the star wars thing i posted last week. this is truly funny, not unintentionally funny. check it out. thanks youtube.


just hip enough said...

In the 70's there was a show called night rider where the car talked. this isn't as strange as you think

Poster Nutbag said...

well, just hip enough, who, i might add, doesnt have much information in his/her profile so im not really sure you exist, there is a distinct difference between heat vision and jack and night rider. night rider actually took itself seriously, whereas night vision and jack doens't. i just dont see how the series could have sustained itself.

Irish and Jew said...

this is fucking amazing.

I'm going to repost this immediately.

the world needs to know.