Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday Night At The Times

for the past 4 years a group of my friends have visited kelly's irish times virtually every thursday. this thursday, while it does not mark the official end of thursdays at the times, does mark a significant milestone that the end is near: it is the last thursday appearance by one sir matthew tisdale.

matthew was one of the founders of thursday night at the times. he, along with the hon. jon snow and others, were the trailblazers of this tradition. i remember receiving emails about their thursday excursions to the times when i was in alaska. jon kindly sent them to me partially to remind me that i couldn't be there (how nice) but partially to keep me in the loop. upon my return to DC in 2005, i immediately took my rightful place at the table, drinking smithwicks, eating cowboy burgers, and listening to the musical styling of pete papageorge. while trips to the times have become less frequent for me, it still remains a vital cornerstone of the extended 505 family.

so, tonight, if some anonymous reader of blogs happens to read this blog, drink a pint of smithwicks for us and remember the good times we had.

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