Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I Need To Start Carrying Around A Notebook

i haven't been blogging much this week, not because i am out of ideas, but because i don't sit in front of a computer 24/7 anymore i can't just throw my thoughts up as soon as i think them, so i think i need to carry around a notebook to record my thoughts when i have them at non-ideal blogging times.

one thought i had today: as i mentioned last week i bought "the power broker", robert caro's seminal work on the legendary robert moses (for those who are unaware as to who robert moses was, he was the city planner for new york from the '30s-'60s and shaped modern new york, both the good and the bad). its quite a good read. caro is an excellent author and has a very descriptive, yet not tiresome, style. i was reading some this afternoon and came across a passage where caro says of moses "suddenly, the burning eyes were looking at everything on long island in terms of parks" (do i have to footnote this? i just signed NYU's academic statement saying that i would not here is my citation, which will not be in the appropriate format, but its the best i can do...caro,159). back to the statement. right now, i completely understand moses' mindset. everything he looked at he thought of parks just like how everything i look at right now is viewed through the lens of my impending move to new york and my new field of study. i mean EVERYTHING i see i think of in terms of new york or what i am going to study. i hope i can sustain this passion and perspective through the summer and into the fall.

well, i'm off to try and get into the allison kraus and union station show. hope i get in!

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Adam Carson said...

you can post blog entries and pictures from your cell phone via SMS and no, you don't have to carry a notebook around with you!