Monday, April 30, 2007

Its Like Sucking On A Straw With A Hole In It

this phrase should be a metaphor, but i don't exactly know what it would mean.

has this ever happened to you? its happening to me right now. i went on my daily 4pm walk to get my ice coffee so i can survive the rest of the day and was sipping it casually at my desk reading simmons' latest column when i noticed something funny with my drink. i noticed that while i was still sucking on the straw, not as much coffee was entering into my mouth as before. i then noticed the culprit: a hole midway through the straw. see, when the level of the coffee was above the hole, the effects of the hole were mitigated, but once i had drank enough of the beverage, the hole became a liability, screwing up my suction on the straw and still allowing me to drink my iced coffee, but with considerably more effort.

i want to bring this metaphor into the common vernacular. i challenge you, my readers (if you exist) to please create an entry in the urban dictionary or other web reference site of equal sketchiness, as to what the phrase "its like sucking on a straw with a hole in it" might mean.

that is all.

UPDATE: louisa whitney has a good definition. "not only is it less effective but at the same time its really annoying!".

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