Wednesday, May 23, 2007

There Has To Be An Easier Way

every week i watch "deadliest catch" and every week i think to myself "god, there has to be a better way to fish for crab". it just seems like there are too many moving parts in the process from the big, hulking crane to the 800lb. pots to the ropes the guys have to toss overboard. then, once the crab pot is pulled up with an archaic system of throwing hooks and coiling rope you have to deal with that stupid crane again, the launcher, and sorting bin. oh, and you are doing it in 30ft. seas with 50 knot winds in january on the bering sea. isn't there something wrong with this picture?? i wonder how long crab fishing has been done in this way and i wonder if anyone has tried to improve the process in order to increase efficiency and safety. granted, there are some unavoidable pieces (like being on the bering sea in january), but it just seems so overly complex. who knows, i could be totally wrong and this might be the best way to fish for crab, but it seems like it would be worth looking into to make sure it was.

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