Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Tribute Tuesday

i almost forgot it was tuesday. when you don't do anything all day at work, sometimes the mind can wonder, but it is tuesday so it is time to memorialize another friend. this week's victim: deborah obernesser.

when i say the name debbie obernesser, most minds immediately think of one thing: cake. not me. in addition to cake i think of cookies and pie and zucchini bread and all other sorts of wonderful, delicous deserts. debbie is the queen of deliciousness and now that she is moving to san francisco, aka the land of chocolate, her skills will become even more deadly. but debbie does more than bake. she, uh, you know, um, is really, really nice too. i kid. you rock, debbie. thanks for all the wonderful, sweet memories.

the land of chocolate:

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