Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Beating the Bad Teams Is One Thing

but beating the good teams is another. the phils have been on something of a hot streak recently, and before last night they won 7 of their last 9, but this being the phillies, i could still hear the nay-sayers claim "yeah, but that was against houston, washington, and florida - all really crappy teams", and i, for one, wanting to believe in this team, tried not to listen. but you know what? they were right. we lost to the braves last night which brings us to 0-4 against them and 1-4 against the mets. can't win a division, let alone the wild card if you are a combined 1-8 against the two teams whom you are trying to pass in the standings. the season is still young, and ryan howard may finally be showing some signs of life, but this is something to be concerned with. hopefully tonight, with cole hamels going up against some dude named redman with a 0-3 record and 10+ ERA, we can start to even the score just a little.

10,000 loss countdown: 31

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