Sunday, May 13, 2007

Delaware Spring Delight

hey man!

back from delaware alive. what a weekend. for those who are not in the know, the delaware beaches are probably the most underrated beaches on the east coast and if any town accepts the party vibe better than rehoboth (and dewey) then i would like to see it! much props to the dogfish head brewery for putting up with our shenanigans and to the po-lice for not busting us up too much.

again, what a weekend it was. it was the perfect setting to honor and celebrate our past, present, and future friendships together. a celebration of life. it was truly a great time, but i don't think my stories and memories, which are slightly hazy, can do it justice so i will let the pictures do the talking for me. except i don't have those ready yet. i'll get around to posting those tonight.

here's to the funnel cake parade!

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mwtizzzdale said...

I too felt Delaware Spring Delight. Good friends all around.