Thursday, May 31, 2007

Shakira + ACDC=Questionable Results

my ipod has very few single songs on it. when i got it i made a rule that only full albums would go on it because i appreciate the album as an art form and i don't want my ipod full of random singles. i have made a few exceptions for this rule, however, and one of those exceptions is shakira's "hips don't lie". i like this song for two reasons: 1) shakira is smoking hot (not that it matters for a song, but she really is smokin') and 2) its a good song.

so, with that in mind, i present to you a video (much better for shakira purposes) of shakira covering ACDC's "back in black". i'm not sure what to think of it. the first 1:30 is a little weird and shakira gives the rest of the song a decent run, but overall i don't think classic rock is the appropriate avenue for shakira. keep it to the latin beats, girl!

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