Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Man-Crush On Daniel Craig Is Now Complete

i saw layer cake last night. for those who have not seen it (or heard of it) it is the movie that won daniel craig the role as james bond in "casino royale". in layer cake, craig plays an atypical drug dealer involved in one last caper before his retirement. its filmed in the guy ritchie, post-modern style (although it falls short in its guy ritchie tribute, but still a commendable effort), and also stars colm meaney and a bunch of british guys you have seen before (coincidentally in guy ritchie movies).

but the point of this post is daniel craig. i felt that in "casino royale" daniel craig embodied the truism about james bond that "women want to be with him and men want to be him", the first bond since connery to really embody that persona. i am not afraid to say it: daniel craig is a good looking man and wears his clothes impeccably well. in layer cake, craig didn't wear the tailored suits like he did in "casino royale", but he had more of a chic blazer and jeans kind of thing going on and still looked like a million bucks.

so, add daniel craig to my list of man-crushes. we are all allowed a few of those, right? also, go see layer cake. a good, not great move, but well worth the watch.

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