Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I Bought A Pair of Ray-Ban Sunglasses

last weekend i was at gold cup. i posted the pictures the other day, but if you haven't seen them yet you can go here. anyway, one of the dudes i struck up conversation with was wearing a pair of knock-off ray-ban wayfarer sunglasses, and for whatever reason i thought they were pretty cool. despite the fact that the shades were knock-offs (tangent: never, ever, ever wear knock-off sunglasses. shit sunglasses that you get for $10 are not UV coated. because they are not UV coated, they are worse for your eyes than not wearing sunglasses at all because when you wear sunglasses your pupils dilate because of the tint of the shades. now, your pupils are dilating because thats what they do in dark situations, but essentially they are trying to let more light in, so if you are wearing non-UV coated shades you are letting more UV rays into your eyes than you should be. not a good thing. buy a real pair of sunglasses, please.), they projected a sense of style and sophistication that i don't posses, yet would like to emulate.

they reminded me of the cool of carey grant, george clooney, and jack nicholson. dylan wore them, as did the blues brothers. they spoke to the style of art deco and '50s hollywood sophistication. the hamptons, newport, nantucket, and the vineyard. white jacket with black pants and a glass of scotch. maybe its the fact that i am going to the vineyard this summer or maybe its the fact that i am moving to new york, which, i must say, is slightly more sophisticated than DC, that has gotten me into that look. whatever it is, i don't know. all i know is that it looked cool and i wanted it. so i did it. i ordered a pair of the new wayfarer sunglasses today and i am super-excited for them to arrive.

who knows, maybe i too can be cool.

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robby 1 said...

Man i never thought wayfarers sunglasses
would be back in style ! FRESH