Monday, May 7, 2007

What's The Deal With That?

check out this article in new york magazine about socialites.

what's the deal with that?

i almost don't even know where to begin. first, i have almost no idea what the hell they are talking about. if the article was written in french i think i would have the same amount of comprehension i do now. i mean, i just don't get it.

from this article, all i can gather is that a socialite is someone who attends a charity ball, is rich and good looking and thats about it. so why do they exist? what niche do they fill on the evolutionary scale of humans. do they add value to anything? how is this possible?

what i think is most fascinating about these people is that they are completely fabricated. not fabricated in the sense that they are fake, but fabricated in the sense that they created a market for something completely unnecessary, then manufactured some sort of scarcity over the product to drive up its price (popularity). this post probably doesn't even make any sense. writing a sane, rational thought on nonsense is one of the hardest things i can think of to do.

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