Monday, May 7, 2007

Monday Phillies Post

good win for the phils last night. fortunately the errors by wes helms and the mistakes in the outfield didn't come back to hurt the team. bourn's running in the 7th was awesome. how much hotter can "sugar" shane get? good to see howard hit one out, but he is still flirting with the mendoza line. jimmy is still backing up his words. even burrell, although he is not hitting, is getting on base. things might be starting to fall into place, but we are still 6 back and nothing is for sure.

one more scary thought from the game. ESPN flashed a graphic about cole hamels and how is #6 on the most strikeouts through his first 30 starts list. ok, thats cool. but the company he was with? doc gooden, kerry wood, mark pryor, some jewish dude i had never heard of, and the fifth name escapes me. im sorry, but that is NOT the company i want cole hamels with. doc gooden was a great pitcher but flamed out. kerry wood and mark pryor are two of the biggest "what coulda beens" in the history of baseball. the jewish dude i had never heard of before, and the fifth, while the name escapes me, i remember not liking it, so, cole, please, please, please, please don't let those guys into your head. keep on listening to jamie moyer.

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