Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I Am Not Your Typical Allison Krauss Fan

tonight i had the distinct pleasure of seeing...get ready for it...tony rice with allison krauss and union station featuring jerry douglas. thems a lot of names (and there are 3 other guys in the band too!). what a great show. if angels could sing, they would sound like allison kraus. her voice is just amazing. and jerry douglas, the greatest dobro player ever, just wailing away. and dan tyminski on mandolin and vocals. this is the guy who sang clooney's parts on "o brother, where art thou?". oh, and tony rice was with them all night. totally sweet.

i did feel slightly out of place there, however. i was probably one of the youngest in the house by about 30 years. i don't have a body mass index of 86. i was one of only a handful of yankees, and one of even fewer jews (if there were any others!). but you know what? that is the beauty of music. it has the power to transcend race, class, religion, ethnicity, geography, and so on. it was very nice in a way.

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