Sunday, May 27, 2007

Could It Be Possible for One Person To Be So Misinformed?

i was on the train back from new york on saturday and the gentleman sitting behind me might possibly have been the most misinformed person on the face of the planet. this guy was nice enough, he claimed he was going to baltimore to watch his son play in the NCAA lacrosse finals (i think his son plays for hopkins, but after all the statements this guy made i'm not sure if he even knows who his son plays for), but had no idea about what he was talking about on anything.

first off, he was sitting next to some kid who was involved in some military service, so naturally, after learning this he told the kid that had he been drafted in vietnam he would have gone to canada. strike one. then they started to talk about politics and i heard him claim that mitt romney was catholic. strike two. my favorite misstatement, however, was when he thought dc was north of baltimore. strike one million. see, if his son does indeed play for johns hopkins, wouldn't he know the geography of the east coast in the slightest? granted, people can make mistakes, but when you add this one onto the library of his esteemed knowledge, i don't think it was a simple mistake. and this list went on and on. it was quite entertaining, but it took every single bit of my will-power not to turn around and tell this guy how wrong he was on everything.

my advice for this guy is simple: keep your mouth shut unless you know exactly what you are talking about, and in this guy's case be really, really, really, really sure.

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