Thursday, May 3, 2007

Maggie Gyllenhaal Is Jewish?

well, at least she says she is. file this one under "person i would least expect to be jewish". i'll take it, though! we could use more maggie gyllenhaal's in the tribe. i find her oddly attractive. she won't make heads turn like a catherine zeta-jones or cameron diaz or scarlett johansson but there is something about her that i find really, really attractive. i think its her eyes and her puffier-than-normal cheeks. also, i don't think her and her brother, jake, look anything alike. i guess he is jewish too?

UPDATE: my world has just been turned upside-down. i have just been informed that scarlett johansson is jewish too. amazing development.

who else is jewish that you wouldn't expect?


dmbmeg said...

My 2nd favorite actor, Daniel Day-Lewis is. I don't know....all I see him as is a Mohawk.

bassfiend said...

dude, maggie gyllenhaal questionably hot? have you seen sherrybaby!?

Poster Nutbag said...

i don't think maggie is questionably hot, i think she is non-traditionally attractive. i have not seen sherrybaby. should i?