Tuesday, May 1, 2007


today marks the 14th anniversary of 5/1/93 and marks the beginning of one of the best 7 show runs in phishistory, which laid the groundwork for the amazing 8/93 run just a few months later.

i really like '93, and especially 5/93 and 8/93 and 12/93. '93 had a really clean, crisp sound which progressed past the '92 sound and was the precursor to the '94 sound. in recent months, '93 has passed '97 as my favorite year in phish. the band was still on the rise and they were kicking ass and taking names. they still had their "old phish" chops but were beginning to push the boundaries of what was possible with their music. 5/1/93 was a perfect example of this.

the first set is standard '93 (which is not to mean ordinary or dull, but rather what could be expected for a first set) with a jim, foam, guelah, melt, fee, rift, sample, ice, glide, and bowie to close the set. everything you could want from a first set, the perfect mix of energy, jams, standards, and fun. the second set picks up right where the first let off with a chalkdust, fluffhead, my friend to open. i love '93 my friends when trey would play the intro on his acoustic then switch to the electric midway through. the acousic sounds excellent on the opening. my friend is followed by a coil, BBJ>comet>paul and silas (another '93 standout), but the real highlight is the mikes>great gig>weekapaug. the great gig is just awesome and totally unexpected, complete with fishman on the vacuum. a solid cavern to close the set and a carolina, rocky top encore sent the crowd home happy.

man, do i wish i could have been there, especially since the show was played at the tower theater in upper darby. fortunately, the tapes (i still call them tapes even though they are all on CD or in digital form now. XLII memories die hard) still exist for all of us to enjoy.

check it out.

05-01-93 Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA

1: Runaway Jim, Foam, Guelah Papyrus, Split Open and Melt, Fee, Rift, Sample in a Jar, It's Ice, Glide, David Bowie

2: Chalk Dust Torture, Fluffhead, My Friend My Friend ,The Squirming Coil, Big Ball Jam-> Halley's Comet-> Paul and Silas-> Mike's Song-> Great Gig in the Sky-> Weekapaug Groove, Cavern

E: Carolina, Rocky Top

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