Friday, June 1, 2007

Great Commentary On The Beatles

today marks the 40th anniversary of the release of the beatles' "sgt. peppers lonely hearts club band", arguably the most influential rock album in history. there was an article in the washington post this morning about the timeless nature of the beatles' songs. the most interesting commentary that i have come across is from tristero via digby. he wrote:
First of all, to you kiddies out there who want to know what all the brouhaha about The Beatles was all about, I strongly suggest you - hell, everyone should have it - grab the four Complete Ed Sullivan Shows with The Beatles . Now here's the thing: you have to watch one a night, all the way through, including Miitzi Gaynor sing what she calls "real music," and Frank Gorshin doing Kirk Douglas impressions. You will learn two things. First of all, that life in mainstream white America in 1964 was bereft of any positive cultural merit whatsoever. And secondly, this is the ideal society your average Republican politician has in mind for America, sans Beatles of course. It truly is hard to believe. You must see these shows in their entirety to understand how much this country has changed.
sounds like a good watch.

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