Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I Am So Glad Norman Braman Is Back In My Life

one of rudy's main campaign talking points is that he is more electable than the other republicans because he thinks he can win states like pennsylvania, ohio, and new jersey. well, excuse me, rudy, but in order to win pennsylvania you need to crank out huge numbers in the philadelphia area, so it is with great surprise that i read about his latest public endorsement by norman braman. let that sink in for a moment. norman braman. the former owner of the eagles. norman braman. they guy who refused to even make a good-faith offer to reggie white. no self respecting eagles fan, whether they live in southeastern pennsylvania or south jersey or delaware can vote for rudy (like they would want to anyway) with this bozo by his side. maybe, with good fortune, rudy will hire rich kotite to manage his campaign. i just hope for rudy's sake, kotite would know which states to target without looking at his chart!

(if i was good with photoshop i would try and work a way to have the picture of rudy in drag shake hands with braman as kotite looks on. that will have to be a different mission for a different day)

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