Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Just a Bit Outside?

i have always thought that the key to a successful blog is having a creative title. i don't think sites like beerleguer or mickey tettleton memorial overpass would be as good as they are, were it not for their titles, so i told myself that if i ever started a blog it would have to have a killer title.

so how did i come up with just a bit outside, what does it mean, and why do i think its a good title for a blog? good questions all.

the line "just a bit outside" comes from the movie "major league", one of the finest baseball movies ever made about a hard-luck city, love for a baseball team that will inevitably break your heart, a group of scrappy over-achievers, and a closer nicknamed "wild thing", which, when, if you think about it, could EASILY be describing the 1993 phialdelphia phillies, my favorite sports team of all time (more on this tomorrow). but, alas, the movie is about the cleveland indians. here is the scene where the title comes from:

so, how does a line uttered by bob uecker about the cleveland indians apply to me? well, i consider myself to be a little outside. i like to spend time just a bit outside. my political views can sometimes be just a bit outside. my musical tastes are just a bit outside. my life, at times, can be just a bit outside.

so there you have it. makes sense, right? no? good!

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