Monday, April 30, 2007

Lots To Talk About

had a great weekend in pittsburgh. underrated city. lots of cool stuff, neat neighborhoods, good food, good views, and generally a nice place. now, having said that, there are about 500 other towns i would rather visit than pittsburgh, but for #501 on my list, it exceeded all expectations.

what else is on my mind (like you care)? more thoughts on leadership, comedic timing, intellectual exercises, graduation gowns, and my first friend tribute, a series i was going to start last week, but i realized that the first person i was going to toast didn't deserve it and in reality is a total jerk, but that's a different story for a different time.

i would also like to thank this blog for giving me something to do during my otherwise intolerable work day (only 19 more to go! how about we start a countdown for that!). as a matter of fact, in the middle of writing this post, my self-worth just declined by a factor of 10. breaking my long-standing policy of not discussing the details of work on this blog (i will try and be as non-specific as possible), i feel the need to comment on what just happened to me.

i have just been asked to photocopy the pages of the 2006 returned peace corps directory. this is how valuable they consider me. see, back in 2002 when i was an intern, i made good friends with the copy machine. we were like brothers, and you know what? i didn't care. i was an intern. lets fast forward a few years to, oh, i don't know, 2006. i was one of two people working in my particular office. still making friends with the copier and other menial tasks. 6 months later our office grew to 6, and guess what? no increase in responsibility for micah. fast forward to today, and you could say that i have taken not one, but a few steps back. i am now the lowest form of life in my office. lower than the lowest, probably.

one of aaron's graduation speakers made a good point this weekend. he told the graduating class that if there is a job or a person or an organization that doesn't appreciate you and your talents, then you should feel no shame in telling them to take a hike. well, i did that. i did it probably a little too late, but i did it. these people never appreciated what they had. an earlier, more vengeful micah would swear to make them pay, but the present-day micah just says, screw it, i'll do something else. my current profession's loss will be my new profession's gain.

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