Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What's The Deal With That?

ever walk around and wonder, what's the deal with that? like this morning, for example. i was walking past the grand hyatt on 11th street, nw right across from my office when i saw a gentleman get out of a black SUV, wearing an earpiece and a suit. not an odd site in DC, but it got me thinking: why do secret service guys, or other federal agents, wear suits AND dress shoes? lets say that something goes down and you are a secret service guy, wearing a suit and dress shoes, and you are called on to run down the street to chase after someone. how on earth are you going to do that in dress shoes? do they have a secret shoe store that sells sneakers that look like dress shoes? why not let these guys wear comfortable shoes if there is a chance they will be called upon to run?

what's the deal with that?

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