Tuesday, April 17, 2007

So I've Started a Blog

i hear they have these things called blogs (which i understand is short for "web log") on the internet right now, so i figured its high time i got involved in the web 1.0 revolution.

we will see where this grand experiment takes me. i have lots going on in my life right now...actually, thats not entirely true. i WILL have lots going on in my life once i a) get out of my current job b) get out of DC c) arrive in new york, new york and d) start school. that should make for some pretty interesting commentary, i guess.

i would also like this to serve as a forum for interesting news, thoughts on my beloved philadelphia sports teams and how they like to break my heart, music that i am interested in and other random stuff...so, basically, this will be exactly like almost every other blog on these here internets.

in my next post, i will explain the title of my blog "just a bit outside".

thanks for reading.

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