Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How Is Jerry The Most Lucid One?

the below video is from a CBS news documentary from 1967 about the haight-ashbury, the hippies, and the grateful dead. its a very interesting piece. there are a few revealing things i found:

1) the reporter accurately expresses the thoughts and concerns of mainstream america about the hippies. most of what he says is total BS, but from his perspective at the time, the hippie movement represented a big threat to the established order, so his concerns, from his point of view, were justified. again, even though most of what he talks about is complete BS, he does make some salient points about the hippie movement.
2) jerry was a very smart guy and had an unbelievable charisma about him. his personality jumps off the screen.
3) bob weir is a total fucking idiot.
4) i consider '67 dead to be in the second era of the dead (the first era was the acid test era. second era was '67-'69, third '70-'72, fourth '73-'74, fifth '75-'80, sixth '81-'86, seventh '87-'91, ninth '91-'95. these are just rough dates, but each era, to my ears, has a distinct sound), but even though the band was still in its infancy and had not yet reached the heights they would reach in '69, you can still hear the raw energy and power they possessed at the time. you can tell that they were destined for greatness, much in the same way that if you listen to phish in '87 or '88 (my favorite of those shows being 5/25/88) you get the same feeling.


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