Monday, April 23, 2007

A New Plan For July

as mosy of you might know, i am planning on taking some time off between work and school to get my head straight, get set up in new york, and have a little fun. in regards to the latter, i have been thinking about what i could do to have a little fun this summer, and as per my interest in hiking, i decided that i would take a trip somewhere and do something in that regard.

my initial plan was to hike the long trail in vermont, but i dont think i am in good enough shape, nor do i think it prudent to disappear from the world for a solid month (as much as i would like to). i also have the option of joining matthew on the PCT for a while, and while that sounds great, something in my heart is telling me to stick with new england, an area of the country i have taken for granted over the past few years in exchange for more exotic locations.

my new plan is this: after spending the a week on the vineyard in late june to celebrate fa's 80th birthday, i will spend the next 10-14 days traveling around new england, visiting some of the various parks and bagging some of the most prominent and famous peaks in the region, like katahdin, washington, and mansfield, and quite possibly revisiting places like tri-pyramid and osceola.

all are welcome to join. ill post more details as my vision comes into focus.

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