Friday, April 27, 2007

2 Norman Braman Posts In One Week?!?

its the gift that keeps on giving. remember how earlier in the week i wrote a post about how rudy is an idiot for announcing the endorsement of norman braman when all it can do is hurt his chances of picking up votes in southeast PA? well, it turns out that my analysis was right on. the even invoked the ghost of rich kotite too! now the politico has chimed in on the subject (the picture of john kerry and the cheesesteak is just icing on the cake):

Who's Next, Terrell Owens?

Courtesy of Politico reporter and son of Philly Ken Vogel:

Apparently unconcerned about winning votes in the biggest city in the key swing state of Pennsylvania, Rudy Giuliani on Wednesday trumpeted the endorsement of Florida car dealer Norman Braman.

Braman, who’s given more than $210,000 to an eclectic mix of Republicans and Democrats, is touted in Giuliani’s press release as a leader in the Miami Jewish community.

But for Philadelphia sports fans – that is to say nearly every man, woman and child in southeastern Pennsylvania – Braman is the man who decimated the Philadelphia Eagles football team. He owned the franchise from 1985 to 1994, a stretch marred by a series of boneheaded personnel moves and missed opportunities.

Braman’s refusal to loosen the team’s purse strings led to the dismantling of one of the sport’s all-time great defenses, highlighted by the departure via free agency of the late legendary defensive end Reggie White. And Braman’s firing of beloved head coach Buddy Ryan would have been bad enough had the owner not hired as the next head coach the inept Rich Kotite, who shattered the fragile psyche of superstar quarterback Randall Cunningham and turned him into a bench warmer.

Iggles nation takes its sports – and its sports grudges – seriously. Though Giuliani might not have had a chance at winning the City of Philadelphia, which votes overwhelmingly Democratic, he’d need to do well in its populous suburbs – the so-called "collar counties" – to carry the state, said Terry Madonna, a pollster and professor at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pa.

"There’s almost no way for a Republican to win Pennsylvania if they don’t win the Philly suburbs," said Madonna. "And if I’m running for office as a Republican in Pennsylvania, I could think of dozens of endorsements I would want before (Braman’s)."

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