Sunday, June 17, 2007

Thank You Sarah Montana, Thank You

one of my most bestest and specialist of friends in washington, dc was the esteemed sarah montana. when thea left dc last summer i was very upset. thea and i had a almost weekly standing dinner date where we would go to a fun restaurant in dc and eat food and have a good time. but when she left i was left high and dry...fortunately for me not soon after thea left i met sarah montana and quickly sarah montana and i started a almost weekly standing dinner date and the void in my life left by the departure of thea was quickly filled (but thea, don't take this the wrong way, you could NEVER be replaced! it was just the void that was filled :). bottom line: both thea and sarah montana rock.

but sarah montana has a quality that not even the esteemed thea kruger possesses: sarah montana is the most rockinist and rollinist girl i know. she LOVES rock and roll. she loves rock and roll like i love rock and roll. the first time we really hung out together we went to a baseball game (the phillies were playing the nats at RFK and were in the playoff hunt...needless to say i was a total basket case...that also speaks to sarah montana;'s character, she was able to put up with me at a phillies game) and on the way to the stadium...she was driving...i heard the black keys for the first time. and the next time we hung out we went to bens chili bowl then to stetsons for pitchers of cheap-ass pitchers and a great rock and roll jukebox. we talked about rock and roll all night. it was fantastic. she introduced me to my morning jacket. we went to the MMJ show at the 930 club together. it was awesome. we saw tenacious d together. tenacious d! that is how rockin' she is. she saw tenacious d with me. i don't think i need to go on she rocks, if you get the picture).

the point of all this, yes. for my birthday, sarah got me the led zeppelin dvd "how the west was won" (there is no real concensus on the actual title of the doesn't list it as such, but its my understanding that its the title even if it isn't on the box). now as i have previously explained, sarah montana is the most rockin' and rollinist chick i know, and she loves zeppelin, so i really appreciated the gift. it was very thoughtful. but i never watched the dvd. why, i don't know. but the time just wasn't right. i thought about watching it a number of times but never could bring myself to. i really don't know why. and, mind you, i love concert dvds. gimmie shelter. stop making sense. the grateful dead movie. festival express. they all rule. and you can watch them multiple times. great stuff. but i never watched this one. i also remember that when she gave this to me she told me this amazing story about when she bought it and the guy at the store couldn't stop talking about how awesome it was, but still i never watched it. until last night.

sarah, if you are reading this, that dvd is f**king awesome. amazing. blows your mind. face-melting. words cannot describe what i saw last night. jimmy page. holy s**t. robert plant. john paul jones. john f**king bonham. through all the stages of their career. this was rock and roll at its finest. if you like guitars, and anyone who knows me knows that i like guitars, if you like guitars, this movie is for you. if you like rock and roll, performed by the masters of rock and roll, this is for you. if you want to hear true masters at their craft, this is for you. it is the zeppelin equivalent of the phish bluegrass dvd (for all phishheads who have not yet seen this please go here...the 1992 MTV interview is great too). so sweet.

sarah montana, thank you. you are really the best.

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