Sunday, June 10, 2007

I Have Something To Write About!

i now have something inspirational to write about: the city of philadelphia. as most of you know, i have an unusually high degree of fondness for my hometown. some people give philly a bad rap; they say it smells or its dirty or whatever, but people who say that, in my mind, have not seen the city through my eyes. sure, the city is dirty and it does smell, but you know what? philly is an imperfect city. it has flaws, glaring flaws at that, but when those imperfections are added to all the positive and wonderful things the city has to offer it creates an amazing tapestry that can only be appreciated by looking at the whole picture, flaws and all.

over the next week i hope to publish a series of my thoughts on the city of philadelphia. the city has inspired me to write and i will pay her tribute in the best way i can.p

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