Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I Am Really Displeased With That Last Post

i am not the worlds best writer. for those of you who read my blog regularly (all three of you) probably realize that by now, but that last post was probably one of the biggest pieces of crap i have ever written. if i had a good mind, i would delete it from existence and start over, but for some reason i am not going to do that. maybe it will serve as a reminder to me to do a better job.

see, that last post could have been better. i could have thought it out more. i could have done multiple drafts (well, i did a first take but it was even worse than that one so i started over), but i didn't. to me, blogging is all about writing in the moment, almost a stream of consciousness kind of thing and when i have something to write that is complex and emotional, like the last post, my words and thoughts get all jumbled up and i have trouble saying what i am thinking and i have trouble thinking clearly enough to say what i want. you can see how that can become a problem. there were just too many things i wanted to write about and i didn't have a clear plan on how to say it.

i'll try and do better in the future. i don't want to let all three of you down.


laura said...

for the record your last post didn't suck, neither does your blog and more than three people read it :)

jonathan said...

I come here for the brilliant insight, not a pity party. Keep the postings coming at a good clip and your massive fan base will excuse the occasional sub-par entries.

Poster Nutbag said...

we are not in search of a pity party. its called transparency. i wasn't pleased with my work and i wanted to let the reading masses know that i will try to do better in the future.