Friday, July 24, 2009

My New PAC: Common Sense PAC

its very simple: i will support candidates who exhibit otherworldly common sense, or in the case of congress (or any other legislative body, for that matter) just average common sense.

i just saw a story on CNN about how historic reenactors on an historic canal in lehigh, pa. the canal offers historic barge trips via mule-drawn boats. unfortunately for the reenactors, and the mules that pull the boats, must get federal background checks, per homeland security regulations. seriously. the lehigh canal, with its mule drawn barges, is a HUGE potential target, and checking the background of the reenactors who guide the mules is clearly necessary and cost the park $1200 to get the check complete.

republican rep. charlie dent of PA recently spoke with DHS secretary napolitano to get this cleared up, but so far no action has been taken. clearly the law, as written, is just a little too broad and needs to be fixed. so, congrats, rep. dent. this is probably the first common sense move you have made in your entire congressional career.

the next person i will support with common sense PAC is ANYONE who challenges new york state senator pedro espada, jr, who represents the bronx but lives in westchester. espada is one of the geniuses behind the new york state senate shutdown earlier this month and has an incredible knack for graft. it is just common sense to run someone against espada. if no one will sign up for the job, i'll do it. senator nutbag. has a nice ring to it, no?

here are my qualifications to take on espada:
  • while i don't live in the bronx (neither does espada) at least i live in new york city (he lives in westchester)
  • i am not an asshole. espada clearly is. check out these youtube videos where he is outraged - outraged! - that a reporter would ask him legitimate questions about his residence and graft. the nerve of that reporter!

so, thats pretty much it. vote nutbag! i live in a more geographically alligned municipality than espada, and i am not an asshole, unlike espada.

winning campaign slogan, no?

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