Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cronkite Remembers

this weekend discovery aired a series called "cronkie remembers" which featured walter cronkite reminiscing about his long and storied career.

watching it, i couldn't help be amazed about his career. my grandmother is 93 years old. she has lived through almost every major historical event of the 20th century. she has amazing memories of the events that transpired over the course of her life, but what is so amazing about cronkie is that not only did he live through the same events as my grandmother, he WAS those events. he covered it all.

he did early radio, broadcasting sports games via ticker tape and morris code. he covered eurpoe in the run up to WWII. he covered WWII and the aftermath. he lived in moscow at the beginning of the cold war. he covered the cold war and the korean war. he was a pioneer in early television and helped shape the medium of TV news into what it is today. the list goes on and on.

its really amazing to hear this man, in his own words, about the events that transpired throughout his life. he is no doubt history's greatest historian, and has provided mankind with a tremendous record through which we can study ourselves and our civilization.

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