Wednesday, July 22, 2009

2 Shows 2 Thoughts

America's Funniest Home Videos (AFV): no youtube channel? really? you are perhaps sitting on the goldmine of ALL youtube channels and yet you do not have one. why is not every clip ever shown on the show NOT ON YOUTUBE AND CAN BE FOUDND ON THE AFV CHANNEL? hello? ever heard of failblog? it is essentially your show. you were youtube before there was youtube. why are you not there now?

The 700 Club
: please give your guests better talking points. case: robyn o'brien, author "unhealthy truth: how our food is making us sick". she was the guest on the 700 club tonight (yes, i was watching it. it looked interesting) talking about additives in our food supply. the weird thing was over and over again, at least 3 times, she complained that certain additives were allowed into food AFTER 1994. she said it over and over and over again. 1994. 1994. do you know what happened in 1994, mrs. o'brien? the republican revolution. deregulation. remember that? she also went on to complain that most, if not all, european countries do not allow certain additives in their food and she wondered why we don't do that here. jee, i wonder. when was the last time a republican politician talked nicely about a europoean government regulation? they certainly don't like european style health care, so why should we take some frenchie's advice on what poison we can serve our kids?

think about it, mrs. o'brien. you are a smart lady. according to amazon, you have your MBA. so since you can add, put two and two together: the republicans, with the help of pat robertson and the 700 club, have systematically targeted the regulatory functions of the united states government in an attempt to eliminate them or render them completely useless. think about that the next time you feed your kid yellow #5.

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