Saturday, July 18, 2009

My First Stab At Citizen Journalism

i saw a fire today at the corner of elizabeth and kenmare.

this is my first attempt at citizen journalism.

i have always wondered how videos of events end up on the internet, but now i know. i was walking down the street today and came across this raging fire. i had never seen anything like this before, with thick, black smoke billowing from the windows so i stopped to watch along with a ton of other people. as i was standing there i decided to snap a few pics for my friends that i was meeting so i could tell them the story. i took a few pics then decided to capture some video...well...for no other reason than because i could. so i took the video below (i also had no idea how to use my video camera feature on my new phone, so i am glad i actually captured it).

so now i know how these things happen: because they can.

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