Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Big Shot Is The Only True Sixers Mascot (updated)

UPDATED: i originally posted this on 8/10/07 and had forgotten that the video of big shot was of him dancing to michael jackson.

i am waiting for the return of big shot. hip hop is a false god and all who worship him are praying to a false idol. the only road to salvation is through big shot.


djwhitegirl said...

Looks like I'm a little late, but this IS the #1 google search result for "Big Shot- Sixers"-
I agree completely- grew up going to games with my Dad who had seats right next to the "tunnel" in the ol' Spectrum- Big Shot would often come by and stick his big head in my face- I was heartbroken when they spurned him for the muscular bunny. Hip Hop still freaks me out- I know he can dunk, but whatever. It's the equivalent of replacing the Phanatic with a frisky pony.

thingsiwant said...

Big Shot also had a tall sidekick named "Hoop" They should bring them both back and send Hip Hop to the curb!

GlennM said...

You folks may have gotten your wish. It looks like Hip Hop has been 'killed' by the Sixers. He has been removed from their website, and word is the makers of the Muppets are designing a new mascot. Big Shot looks like a Muppet, so perhaps they are bringing him back.


I want to re-create Big Shot but am looking for investors. Let me know if you're interested.