Monday, July 16, 2007

Sirius Satellite Radio

on my trip to new england (someone please remind me to write a post on why i love new england) i had the pleasure of borrowing my brother's car which is equipped with sirius satellite radio. for those who have yet to experience the coolness that is sirius (and xm too, i suppose), i highly recommend it. i guess if you don't like lots of good music it wouldn't really turn you on, but for me, it was 100% awesome.

one of the coolest things about sirius is the amount of stations it has to offer. they have a station called "jam on" that plays jambands. they have a station called "first wave" that plays new wave music from the early '80s. there is a station dedicated to hair metal, one for garage rock, and even a jimmy buffett station for parrotheads. you can even set artist alerts and have the radio notify you whenever a particular artist comes on the air. i may or may not have set one for my not-so-secret guilty pleasure phil collins. all in all pretty cool stuff. the one station that surprised me the most, however, was first wave. they played some really good music on there including a healthy dose of early u2 (which i have been digging a lot of recently).

the good news is that even though i won't have a car in new york you can buy a sirius home unit, something i am considering doing. check it out. you might like it too.

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