Thursday, July 26, 2007

holy mother of god

ryan howard has "it" again. i remember last season when ryan howard had "it". i remember last season when ryan howard was a living baseball god.

didn't it seem like ryan howard could do anything he wanted last year? well, he has that "it" to him again. that homer he hit last night against the nationals was howard pulling out his dick and saying "yeah, well mine is bigger than yours". it was monumental. earth shattering. he is amazing.

i remember watching him last year when he went off. i was at rfk when he surpassed mike schmidt for all time homer runs in one season with 49. he was amazing. couldn't be stopped. and he is in that zone again. it is a thing of beauty. baseball at its best. i am going to watch as much of ryan howard as i can over the next month.

here's to hoping they can pull it out.

note: i will post the video as soon as it comes available.

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