Monday, July 30, 2007

Advice For Chicago

learn what words mean.

i just saw some lady at the phillies-cubs game hold up a sign that read: Eliminate Spoiled Phillies Now (the first letters of each of the words spells ESPN, just in case you were wondering).

i have a big problem with this sign, or to put it more exactly, with the lady who wrote it. she used the word "spoiled" to define the phillies. you know, the same 10,000 loss phillies we talked about a few weeks ago? the same phillies who have 1 world series title in 125 years? that makes no sense. see, when you use the word spoiled. to me, the word spoiled implies that said person (or team, for that matter) is used to getting what they want, all the time, and will settle for nothing less. you all know someone you think is spoiled. you know what the word means. but the word, spoiled, DOES NOT APPLY TO THE PHILLIES. the phillies NEVER get what they want. the red sox do. the yankees do. those teams are spoiled. the phillies are not.

at least we don't blame some stupid goat for all our troubles. or a bartman. we accept responsibility for our failure.


jonathan said...

You know, "spoiled" also means "rotten," "no good," "tainted," etc.

If you use those definitions, which I think are actually the primary definitions of the word, she is not so far off...

Poster Nutbag said...

i doubt anyone in chicago knows how to use a dictionary.