Monday, July 16, 2007

I Need To Start Writing Again

its been way too long since i really wrote here. i like writing here. its a good outlet for me. i miss it. i hope those of you that read here will be able to stand my posts for the next month or so because they will all pretty much be about new york. i am apologizing in advance for that. see, i got excited for new york again tonight after watching "the devil wears prada" (yes, it does pain me to write that sentence, but it was a good movie).

one of the messages i got out of that movie was that art is always on the move in new york whether you notice it or not. i am more of a person that notices other aspects of new york's art like architecture, movies, and art art (paintings and stuff like that), but now i think i will pay a little closer attention to clothes and fashion as i make my way around the city. fashion is one thing that dc didn't do especially well.

also, meryl streep's character was pretty awesome. i think we have all had a boss like her at one point in their lives. i know i have. it was also fun to see vince (adrian grenier) in a role outside entourage.

one more thing...ladies, i need your help on this. is anne hathaway really a size 6 in that movie? because if she is, sign me up for a size 6, if you know what i mean! and while i'm on women's clothes, who the hell came up with how things are sized? i mean, i get how mens clothes are sized. pants come in a waist and length. shirts come in a collar and a sleeve. but womens clothes? one size. 6. what the hell? it makes no sense. even when i was working in retail i never understood it. can someone explain it please?

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