Monday, July 23, 2007

Now Back To Regular Posting (For Real)

i am happy to report that i have finally landed in new york. it seems that my days as a homeless vagabond are over and i can comfortably kick my feet up and claim this tiny (and i mean tiny) piece of manhattan as my home.

over the past 3 days i think i have gotten a little bit of a lot of what new york has to offer: a birthday party on the lower east side, wondering from neighborhood to neighborhood, ordering takeout, eating pizza, more wondering from neighborhood to neighborhood, watching a bum take a dump on park avenue, looking at all the women, and, of course, more aimless wondering.

i still have a lot to learn about this place, but i feel very comfortable with the level of understanding i have at this point. i can get myself from point a to point b with relative ease. my knowledge of what subway lines go where is elementary, but its good enough for now. im sure i will pick it up in no time. socially, i have some work to do. i know enough people here, but they are all doing their own thing and are all at different points in their lives, so i think i will have to work a little harder at finding my social niche. its also difficult to be social in new york in the summer because most people go away on the weekends, so there is a good chance that most, if not all, of the few people i know here will be away on any given weekend. i am just going to have to try a little harder. other things to learn: what to look for in restaurants. there are so many restaurants to choose from here that it makes choosing one very difficult, so i want to come up with a checklist, so to speak, for me to use when i am deciding which japanese place or thai place or which diner to go to. along those lines, i need to learn which restaurants i should be going to and which ones i should avoid. that will take a while. there are lots of restaurants in this city.

but things are good. i love my apartment, my new roommates are great guys, and im in new york. what could be more fun than that?

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