Friday, June 19, 2009

Seeing Movies From the Beginning

too often i see a movie on TV that i would like to watch but i rarely catch the movie from the beginning and am forced to watch it from somewhere in the middle. this is OK for movies i have seen before, but for movies i haven't seen, it sucks. however, there is occasionally the time when everything is timed just right and i am able to catch a movie from the beginning. this is especially cool when it is a movie that i have seen before, but have not seen from the beginning in quite some time. its amazing how much your understanding and appreciation of a movie, especially one you have seen before, is enhanced by watching from start to finish.

a few weeks ago this happened with total recall, a movie that i have seen countless times, but rarely from the beginning. my understanding and appreciation for that movie increased exponentially. the same thing is true for close encounters of the third kind, the movie i am currently watching. i normally catch this movie around the time dreyfuss goes nuts and makes the mountain out of mashed potatoes or the scene where he approaches devils tower despite the threat of a chemical spill. seeing the movie from the beginning, however, is what allows you to truly appreciate the movie for the classic it is. mystery and intrigue are offered up from the first scene. your are drawn into this fantastical tale. you forget things that increase your understanding of the journey dreyfuss goes on. you also realize how much his wife sucks.

close encounters, as well as total recall, are both fantastic movies. watching them from the beginning is the only way to watch and appreciate these classics.

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