Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Today We Decide the BIG Issues

here on just a bit outside we deal with the tough issues: phish, phillies, and the occasional snarky comment at failblog.

but today, i would like to weigh in on sonua sotomayor's nomination to the supreme court. everyone knows why this is so important. we are about to grant a lifetime appointment to someone on the supreme court, and from what i can tell from the media, this person is either supposed to be either a strict constructionist or a pro-choicer or empathizer-in-chief or something like that. but i want to talk about when her decisions effect something that matters, and by that, i mean sports of course :)

apparently, judge soto (sotomayor is a horrible name to type) has decided on two crucial sports related cases: the 1994 MLB strike and the maurice clarett deal. i don't care that much about clarett and i don't remember how i felt about it (i think i was with clarett), but she sided against clarett. so thumbs down on that.

but, bigger and more importantly, she decided on the 1994 MLB players strike. i was 14 in '94 and i remember being crushed by the strike and i think the general public was against the players for being greedy and canceling the world series. so i guess i was too. but, if you think about it, we (the public) had no idea how much the owners were making. and historically MLB owners have been HORRENDOUS to the players in the league with the reserve clause and all. so, i don't really know how i feel now. i guess today, without looking into the issue further, i would side with the players.

as did judge soto. her decision effectively ended the strike. ESPN has a good write up.

so soto, in the coveted endorsement of just a bit outside, you have it.

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