Saturday, May 9, 2009

Is There Really a Brotherhood of Fans?

to borrow a line from one of my favorite musicals, "how to succeed in business without really trying", is there really a brotherhood of fans?

one of my favorite activities since moving to new york has been to greet any phillies or philadephia sports fan i see on the street with a warm hello and smile. im not exactly sure why i started doing it...i think part of the reason was because there are so many stinking mets fans in the city and this was a way to show my companionship and brotherhood towards those of us who root for the good guys. it always makes me feel good to do this, and it always brings a smile to the face of the person i meet.

take today, for example. i was walking down the street wearing my phillies hat when i came upon a gentleman wearing a sixers hat. i gently touched the bill of my cap and gave a quick nod of my head as we passed and i saw the glimmer of recognition in his eye and a smile creep onto his face. a little while later i came across a dude wearing a phillies hat. i touched the bill of my cap and nodded. he smiled and did the same.

its a fun thing to do. it makes me smile, as it does the passer-by. its a fun game to play while living in enemy territory.

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