Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday Baseball

since i can't watch the phillies on my TV, although i am thinking about getting the 1 month MLB TV package for september, i decided to do the next best thing: watch the little league world series. the little league world series is a blast to watch. the kids actually play an entertaining style of baseball and i am always amazed at the skill level of these 11 year old kids. i mean, some of them put up video game numbers. you always get a kid who bats .600 and hits a ton of homeruns or some pitcher who throws 3 no-hitters in a row while striking out 16 (its only a 6 inning game). and, did you see the catch that kid made the other night? that was stellar!

more impressive, in an odd sort of way, is the list of "favorite MLB players" as given by the walpole, ma team, the regional qualifier from the new england region:

Vlad Gurerro (3)
Derek Jeter (3)
Mike Lowell (1)
Jason Varitek (1)
Jonathan Papelbon (1)
Big Papi (1)
Albert Pujols (1)
Ryan Howard (1) - that kid rocks, by the way
David Wright (1)

notice anything interesting about those names? keep in mind, this is from the new england team, the one from walpole, ma, the geographic center of red sox nation. 3 kids said derek jeter? are you kidding me? what would bill simmons say about this? granted, (as i am typing this they just ran a clip of carlton fisk talking to the team and having some kid tell him jeter was his favorite player, but that the red sox were his favorite team...fisk has no idea how to respond...i think this kid should be worried about his safety when he returns to walpole, ma. he clearly has not taken his loyalty oath) the red sox were mentioned (4 mentions: lowell, varitek, papelbon, papi) more times than the yankees (3 mentions: jeter), but still. i just kinda find it amazing ANY yankee could be mentioned.

clearly, though, there is only 1 correct answer: ryan howard. congtrats, kid. you passed!

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