Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I Hope I Am Not The Only One Thinking This

so barry bonds did it. #756. thats pretty crazy. more home runs than anyone in the majors. ever. impressive.

i dont want to get into a whole commentary about whether or not barry is a worthy home run king, but i felt that the ceremony was quite contrived. yes, the game was going to be stopped, but did they have to give him a microphone? the video from hammerin' hank? the willie mays appearance on the field? and what is the deal with that female pa announcer. now THAT is weird!

but back to the celebration. i remember there being a big to-do when big mac hit 62. i don't remember a video presentation or a speech either (i could be mistaken). i don't know what they did when bonds beat mcgwire either. and cal ripken CERTAINLY didnt make a speech on the field during the game (again, as far as i remember).
i think the ripken celebration is the gold standard to which all celebrations of personal milestones are judged. to me, at the time, everything seemed more organic. the game was delayed some 20 minutes because the crowd wouldn't let the game continue. they cheered and cheered and cheered until cal came out and took that victory lap. and it seemed truly spontaneous. same with the mcgwire #62. it was more, i don't know, wholesome.

barry's celebration felt contrived. it just didn't sit right with me. it was barry saying "yes, this is all about me". instead of the crowd honoring the player, it was the player honoring himself.

so i guess i have mixed emotions about barry being the home run champ. i guess i should start warming up to a-rod now, so by the time he breaks the record i'll be pulling for him.

and what the hell is the deal with the female pa announcer. how weird is that?

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