Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Outlaw ALL Supermax Prisions!

according to this fellow from the specter town hall "What about this Guantanamo closure? I don't want these criminals to come over here into our area and escape, and we find that a bunch of innocent people are murdered. And that's what's gonna happen (emphasis mine)."

if this is the case, then i want to take every criminal in the US, violent or non-violent, from bernie madoff on down to a street thug, and ship them off to exile on some island in the south pacific because i have zero faith in the ability of our prisons to hold anybody!

i remember the good old days when republicans went crazy over building prisons. it was their answer to everything, but, alas, those glory days are behind us. think about all the wasted money spent on building prisons that can't even hold a single prisoner from guantanamo.

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