Sunday, October 14, 2007

I Thought You Would Be Stronger Than That, New York

so this weekend was the first cool, crisp weekend of fall. i like fall. i find the change in the weather energizing. i like being outside whent here is a little chill to the air. new york, however, does not seem to share my enthusiasm for cooler temperatures.

i was shocked to see some of the outfits i saw this weekend. down coats. ugg (ug!) boots. scarves. gloves. hats (well, i will let the hats slide. i wore wool hat this weekend, but with good reason. i have no hair and my head gets really, really cold. but a wool hat was all i needed. on saturday i went out in a t-shirt, blazer, and wool hat and was plenty warm. yes, i was wearing pants and shoes too.). my point is, if people act like it is overly cold now, when its not, how are they going to act when it actually gets cold? you need to prepare yourself people. cold is a state of mind. enjoy it.

i was also disappointed with the amount of people on the streets this weekend. again, it really wans't that cold. thea was sticking with he hibernation theory, which could explain it. i hope it was just an adjustment weekend. i hope that if it is a little chilly next weekend, people won't overreact, go out, and just take the season in stride. i hope.

i expect this kind of behavior from people in dc. i thought you were tougher than that, new york. maybe this city has lost its edge...

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